001 - Population Distribution

Geographic knowledge and understanding

Physical and human factors affecting population distribution at the global scale. Global patterns and classification of economic development:

low-income countries

middle-income countries and emerging economies

high-income countries


There are various physical and human factors affecting population distribution at the global scale. These factors vary in their scale and power.


Key Terminology

Define the key terms above using the useful links below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Watch

As you already know the global population of people is increasing but where do they live?  Are there similarities that occur across the world and the different continents? Watch the clip below and write down a description of the global distribution of the population.

Useful Resource

Lights of Human Activity


Activity Two - Skills

Learning new skills is an important element of the Geography course. One of the skills is being able to discuss the different ways that data can be represented and whether it is successful or not. Looking at the maps below which one represents population density more successfully. Write down your answer with an explanation. 

 Useful Resources

First Map - Luminocity

Activity Three - Comprehension

We are now going to go a little old school and use your textbook by Simon Oakes Pages 1 -3 to complete the following question.

 Useful Resource

Geography Global Change

Simon Oakes

Exam Style Question

Explain two possible human or physical factors that affect population distribution at the global scale [2 + 2]