003 - Location,

location, location

Factual Question

Where are castles located and why?

Key Terminology

            • Site
            • Natural

Define the words above using the useful links below. Write the definitions on lined paper using full sentences.

Useful Links

Activity One - Describe

The location of settlements are important as the resources that are found there help the settlement to develop. The more natural resources that an area has often the successful the area may be. Why could the image below be a good site for a settlement? Write your answers in full sentences on paper.

Activity Two - Share

We are going to be using padlet for this activity. Padlet is a great way to collect our ideas together without having to write things on the board. Answer the following points on the padlet below (this can also be done on A4 white boards and a photograph can be taken of the results).

      1. Using the following websites research what natural advantages you would require when deciding where to build your settlement. Give a reason for your ideas.
      2. What could be the disadvantages of the factors discussed above. Again, share your thoughts on the padlet site and then we will discuss them.

Activity Three

Answer the following questions on paper. You will need a pencil and a ruler for question two.

      1. For the photograph above write in your book the advantages and disadvantages of the site.
      2. Design your own 'perfect' settlement site. Think about all the natural advantages you would need to make the site successful. Remember to draw you diagram in a box using a pencil and ruler. Remember you can label the key features as well.
      3. Explain why you have chosen the specific characteristics of your design.

Activity Four - Locating a Castle

Shrewsbury Castle was originally an Anglo-Saxon wooden fortification but was given to Roger de Montgomery, Earl of Shrewsbury in 1070. Montgomery was one of William the Conqueror's main councillors and who, it is said, fought along side him at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Montgomery converted wooden fort in to a red sandstone castle.

      1. Find the castle at grid reference 4912 on the paper map.
      2. Using the map suggest why this site was beneficial for the castle. Write your answers on the paper provided.
      3. Click on the Google map below and see if you can find any other natural advantages at this site.

Activity Five - Where would you locate your castle?

You have been given the title of Earl by William the Conqueror as it was your idea to fool the Saxons that the Normans were retreating at the Battle of Hastings. You are required to build a castle to help control the Saxons and defend the area in case of invasion. Exactly where you build your castle is up to you and your team of councillors, but you must decide between the Holy Island near Bamburgh Castle and the towns of Nottingham and Warwick.

As a team you will need to write a proposal to William the Conqueror to explain why you have chosen one site over another. Use Google docs to write this proposal as you can share it with your team and the King (in this case your teacher). You will need to include the advantages and disadvantages of all three sites before you choose your favourite.

How will I be assessed

You will be assessed on Criteria C - Communicating and Criteria D - Thinking Critically for this assignment.

Criteria C - Communicating

Criteria D - Thinking Critically