003 - Hegemons of Power

Factual Question

What is a hegemony of power?

What characteristics make a Nation State powerful?

Key Terminology

            • Hegemon

Define the key term above by using the 'Useful Link' below:

Useful Link

Activity One - Explore

You have now learnt about how Nation States developed but what characteristics ultimately made them powerful? We are going to explore the concept of power and the characteristics that have been needed to form the basis of our greatest superpowers. To explore this issue you are going to be working in teams of approximately four people. Each team is going to be given a specific hegemony or Empire to study.

Part One - Research

  1. You will be put into teams of approximately four or five people.

  2. Collect either flipchart or large paper and a set of coloured pens.

  3. Each team will be given a hegemony to focus on.

  4. Watch the YouTube clip and read the resources in the 'Useful Resources' box and record what characteristics were needed to make that Nation powerful.

            • What form of power did the Nation have?

            • How was that power used?

            • Give examples of how that Nation exerted its power over its people and other countries. Be specific and use data, dates, names etc.

  5. We will discuss your findings briefly with the whole group.

Useful Resources

Activity Two - Jigsaw and Collate

Now that each time has information on one specific Nation State you are now going to learn in more detail about the other four. To do this you will need to do the following:

  1. Appoint one or two 'experts' in your group. These 'experts' will inform the other teams about your specific Nation State.

  2. The remaining two to four people will rotate around the other teams to discover what characteristics made other nations powerful. You will be given 7 minutes per rotation. When you get to each station you will need to record the following points on lined paper or fill in the document provided:

            • Name of the Nation State.

            • Outline of what made that Nation State powerful.

            • Evidence to illustrate the power.

  1. When each team has visited each 'expert' they will become the 'experts' to impart their newly found knowledge to their teams mates that they left behind.

Activity Three - Compare and Contrast

You have all now discovered the different characteristics which make Nations powerful on the world stage.

  1. Copy the table below to identify and explain the similarities and differences between these characteristics.

  2. In your opinion which characteristic is the most important? Explain your answer. Write in full sentences.

  3. In your opinion which characteristic is the least important? Explain your answer. Write in full sentences.

Compare and Contrast - Powerful Nations Characteristics