003 - Hegemons of Power

Factual Question

What is a hegemony of power?

What characteristics make a Nation State powerful?

Key Terminology

            • Hegemon

Define the key term above by using the 'Useful Link' below:

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Activity One - Explore

You have now learnt about how Nation States developed but what ultimately made them powerful? We are exploring the ideas of power as these characteristics form the basis of our greatest superpowers of today. To explore this issue you are going to be working in teams of approximately four people. Each team is going to be given a specific Hegemon or Empire to study. On a piece of flip chart paper you will record how your given Empire became powerful and was able to influence over other nations. We will discuss your answers as a group to identify the commonalities and differences between them.

Useful Resources

Activity Two - Collate

Each group has now identified a number of key characteristics that helped to determine why their nation become powerful. You are now going to learn about the other Nation States by rotating around each group's station. You will have approximately 7 minutes at each station (flip chart paper). When you get to each station you will need to record the following points on lined paper:

      1. Name of the Nation State.
      2. Outline of what made that Nation State powerful.
      3. Evidence to illustrate the power.