002 - Location and Climate of Deserts

Factual Question

Why are deserts found in specific locations of the world?

Key Terminology

  • Climate
  • Weather
  • Biome
  • Desert
  • Convectional Cells
  • Rain Shadow

Throughout the course of the lesson we will define all the key words, but if you are still unsure then click on the links below:

Activity One - Listen and record

  1. Listen to the biome song and write a definition of a biome.
  2. Give examples of biomes.

Activity Two - Watch

  1. Where are deserts located? You can use the YouTube clip or the map below. Deserts are yellow on the map.
  2. Why are deserts located in certain places? (Refer back to the climate unit studied earlier in the year.)
National Geographic - Deserts Map


Activity Three - Climate

  1. Using the BBC GCSE Bitsize website describe the climate for the Sahara desert.