Skills Audit

Geographic skills are a critical part of the Geography course and they are generally woven into the teaching of the different syllabus points. The skills are distinctive to the methodology and approach of Geography as a discipline. While it may seem that there is a long list of skills to learn these are covered during the whole two years. There will be two lists developed to suggest which skills will be covered in Year 12 and which ones will be taught in Year 13 (the Year 12 list is below). It is much better to teach these skills in context rather than in isolation but we will review them before the examimation periods. You could be assessed on any of the skills during the exams and you will further demonstrate them during the Internal Assessment.

Skills Audit - Year One

Skills Audit - DP Geography

Useful Resources

Maps - How to read maps

Contour Lines

Ordnance Survey

Grid References - 4 Figure Area

Ordnance Survey

Grid References - 6 Figure Grid

Ordnance Survey


Ordnance Survey


Ordnance Survey

Latitude and Longitude

Darron Gedge - Geography Channel

Interpret, analyse and construct - Maps

Interpret, analyse and construct - Graphs and Images

Research, process, and interpret data and information - General

Mean, median, and mode

Khan Academy




Mr. J


AP Human Geography


Math Antics


Moomoo Math and Science

Research, process, and interpret data and information - Specific

Indices and ratios - ecological footprint

Indices and ratios - HDI

Indices and ratios - Dependency Ratio

Gini coefficeint

Measures of diversity

Measures of spatial interactions

Spearman Rank


Classify data and information