003 - Mitigation Strategies

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

Mitigation strategies for climate change:

- Carbon emissions offsetting and trading

- Technology, including geo-engineering


There are numerous possibilities to mitigate global climate change. The power to effect change is impacted by the scale of the project, funding and international cooperation.


  • To have knowledge of strategies to offset carbon emissions.

  • To have knowledge of strategies that focus on carbon trading.

  • To be able to discuss mitigation strategies and to evaluate their potential success.

Key Terminology

          • Solar geoengineering

Define the terms above by using the 'Useful Links' below.

Useful Links

Activity One - Divide and Conquer

So far we have investigated how climate change might be mitigated at the global and national scales but are their other management strategies that can be successful? For this syllabus point the group is going to be divided into small teams to create a Google Slide presentation on a specific strategy to mitigate global climate change. Each slide will need to include the following:

            • Process - Describe how your strategy aims to mitigate climate change.

            • Place - Where is your strategy being used and why?

            • Power - What factors may impact the strategy. Remember to explain them.

            • Possibilities - How successful has this mitigation strategy been? Or do you think it going to be?

Make a copy of the table below and write notes on each presentation so that everyone knows about the various mitigation strategies to reduce global climate change.

Mitigation Strategies for Climate Change

Exam Style Question

Explain how TWO mitigation strategies aim to reduce the rate of climate change. [2x3]