005 - Inequality

Factual Question

Why are there inequalities within a city?

Key Terminology

            • Inequality

Define the word above using the useful link below:

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Activity One - Watch

Disparities occur within cities due to a whole host of reasons and while it is often blamed on migration it may not be as simple as that. There are a raft of causes that can be investigated from wealth, ethnicity, parental education, residence and even land ownership. By just exploring where people live we can see that life expectancy can be drastically lower or that you are more likely to commit a crime. We can link these disparities to our land use models and what you have seen by taking a 'walking' through Mexico City and London. As we have looked at Mexican migration into the USA we will be focusing on disparities within New York. New York is often considered a 'melting pot' of cultures and innovation so why are there still disparities and more importantly can anything be done about it?

      • Watch the youtube clip of New York below and write notes on how New York developed, how the city has influenced the world, how the city is laid out and what the key 'pulls' of the city are.

        • Now watch the news clip below that highlights a darker side of New York, the side you may not want to see on your holidays. Make notes on the different disparities that are discussed.

Activity Two - Investigate

We will just be focusing on the island of Manhattan to explore the disparities within New York as the city is so large.

      1. Using the 'Envisioning Development Tool Kit' website in the 'Useful Resources' box below find out which ares of Manhattan are the richest and the poorest. For this site you need to enable flash and 'allow' it to work rather than 'ask'.

      2. Write down your findings with evidence - remember geographers love data.

      3. Now you have found the richest and poorest neighbourhoods in New York - what do they look like?

        • Using google maps search for the areas and then 'walk' around them.

        • Describe what the areas look like in terms of quality of housing, graffiti, rubbish, green spaces, shops etc.

      4. Using the 'The New York Times: Mapping America' website in the 'Useful Resources' box describe the following:

        • Describe the distribution of race and ethnic group in the richest and poorest neighbourhoods.

        • Describe the median monthly rents in the richest and poorest neighbourhoods.

        • Describe the changes in the monthly rents in the richest and poorest neighbourhoods.

        • Describe the different education levels in the richest and poorest neighbourhoods - high school graduates, bachelors degrees, masters degrees and privately educated.

      5. Watch the youtube clip below, describe and explain the death disparities within New York.

      6. Read the 'City Limits' article in the 'Useful Resources' box and add to what you have found out about health in New York from the youtube clip.

Activity Three - Assessment

Write an essay for the following statement based on the what you have just researched about the disparities in New York City.

Compare and contrast the causes of disparities within New York City.

Formal Presentation Requirements

              • No more than 1200 words

              • Insert a header and write the following in the top right - Your Name - Year - Future Cities

              • Insert Page Numbers - bottom right

              • Header (this is the research question/statement) - Size 14 and bold

              • Font Type - Tahoma, Verdana, Lato, Arial

              • Font Size - 12

              • Alignment - Justify

              • Evidence is needed

              • A bibliography is to be included

To be downloaded as a pdf and uploaded to managebac and to be printed out and handed in at the beginning of the lesson on the due day.

Suggested Structure

Disparities Essay Plan

How will I be assessed?

Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding

Criterion C: Communicating

Criterion D: Thinking Critically