005 - Methods of Government

Factual Question

What were the different government systems in Ancient Greece?

What created the change in government systems?

Key Terminology

            • Monarchy
            • Aristocracy
            • Oligarchy
            • Tyranny
            • Democracy

We will be using the keywords above throughout the lesson, so as you come across them highlight the word and write a definition. If you are still unsure of the meaning at the end of the lesson use the 'Useful Links' below to define them:

Useful Links

Activity One - Watch

One of the important legacies of Ancient Greece is a democracy but how did they get to that? There were a variety of government systems that worked within Ancient Greece. Watch the Youtube clip below and write down the names of the different government systems and how they worked. Try and do this in different colours. Then answer the following questions:

      1. Which form of government do you think works within the school? What evidence do you have?
      2. Which form of government do I use in my classroom? Why is this the best form of government for me?
      3. What form of government do you think happens in your home? Give evidence.

Activity Two - Comprehension

You are now going to read an excerpt of information about the changes in government systems in Ancient Athens. The information was taken from an online source written by a teacher (thank you). As you read through the information you will come across a series of questions. Answer the questions in full sentences on lined paper.

Government in Athens

Activity Three - Opinion

Now you have learnt about different government systems I would like your opinion on a few things. Answer the following questions in full sentences:

      1. Do you think it is best to be ruled by a man, by a few people or a government chosen by the people?
      2. Carefully explain why you have chosen the answer above.

How will I be assessed?

Ancient Greece Government Systems - Assessment Criteria Year 7