004 - The Grand


Conceptual Question

Has the historical process of globalisation, through the 'Grand Tour' created opportunities for diverse interconnections and networks?

Approaches to Learning

Communication Skills - Reading, writing and using language to gather and communicate information - Write for different purposes.

Key Terminology

            • Hub

Define the key term above by using the 'Useful Link' below:

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Activity One - What was the 'Grand Tour'?

The grand tour was first started around the 16th Century for the aristocracy to extend their classical education. They initially visited cities such as Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome, the Renaissance hubs of Europe. This kind of tour was extremely expensive and tough to complete due to the poor means of travel. Using the links 'Useful Resources' box answer the questions below in full sentences on paper.

      1. What was a 'Grand Tour'?

      2. Who would have gone on a 'Grand Tour'?

      3. What problems would the travellers have faced?

      4. Why would people put themselves through such an arduous (difficult or hard) trip?

Activity Two - Transport

Today many people will have the opportunity to go on some form of a 'Grand Tour' due to the huge advancements in travel. It is amazing to think that just over a 100 years ago travel by air was only something people dreamed about. Flying is now just part of life and many view an aeroplane as a flying bus in the sky. How has this happened? You will be watching the DVD 'Honey I Shrunk the World' to explore how the Earth became that little bit smaller with the invention of different modes of transport. As you watch the DVD/YouTube clips answer the following questions:

      1. How did the car change travel?

      2. What was the first car that revolutionised road travel?

      3. When did flight become a reality?

      4. What happened to change the aviation industry?

Innovation in Transport

Activity Three - The modern 'Grand Tour'

Your task is to develop today's version of the 'Grand Tour'. Remember the tour must be based on the original ideas of the 'Grand Tour' to extend your education in Art, Architecture, Culture and Geography.

                  1. Where in the world would you go? Minimum of five places/city/town/village.

                  2. Why would you visit those cities/towns? Describe what you would like to see in that area and how it would improve your knowledge in the field of art, architecture, culture, history and geography.

There are two ways we can present this data: one is using Google My Maps and the other is old fashioned pen and paper with a map. If you are using the 'traditional' method collect an A3 copy of a world map and mark on the areas you would like to visit (question 1). Then on that map annotate why you would visit that place (question 2).

Google My Maps

      1. Search for google my maps in your search engine.

      2. Sign in using your school ecolint account.

      3. Click on the red - create a new mind map - to get a new blank map.

      4. Follow the instructions on the image below to get you started with pinning and filling the map with information.

Useful Resource