008 - Boom and bust

Conceptual Question

Can too much tourism be a negative thing?

Key Terminology

  • Butler's Model

Activity One - Identify

  1. Where in the world was this picture taken? Justify your answer.

Activity Two - Watch

  1. Watch the youtube clip below of the introduction to the comedy series Benidorm and write on the padlet what Benidorm is like today.

2. Would you visit Benidorm in its current state? Justify your answer.

Activity Three - Models

  1. Draw a copy of the Butler's model as described in the slideshare below. Thank you Mr. Allaway www.geographyalltheway.com
  2. Describe the different stages of the model by annotating your model.

IB Geography: Globalization: Tourism: Resort Life Cycle Model from geographyalltheway.com

3. Draw a Butler's model for Benidorm. Use the example and the articles below to help you.


Example - Blackpool, UK