002 - Tourism in my

back yard

Debatable Question:

Would you want a tourist development in your village?

Key Terminology

            • Cost-benefit analysis
            • Positive and negative multiplier effect

Define the key terms above by using the 'Useful Links' below.

Useful Links

Activity One - Describe and Discuss

Before we go through all the impacts that tourism can bring, let's have a look at what a series of photographs can tell us.

      1. What impact is tourism having in image two?
      2. What impact is tourism having in image three?
      3. Could the problems created in image 1 be managed effectively? Is so how?

Useful Resource

Activity Two - Watch

As a group we are going to make notes from the YouTube clip on the positive and negative aspects of tourism on padlet. Padlet allows us to contribute our thoughts on a single 'wall'. Think about the social, environmental and economic issues.

              • Social - people, developing facilities, language, resources, education, medical care
              • Environment - landscape, pollution, ecosystem
              • Economic - jobs, investment

Activity Three - Discuss

The room will be divided into four sections. Each section will have a piece of flipchard paper in it with one of the four headings below:

              • Social
              • Economic
              • Environmental
              • Political

The class will be divided into four and will be given a section of the room to go to. Discuss how tourism impacts one of the geographical factors. You can use the information collated from the clips on padlet, your own knowledge and the resources below. Record your teams thoughts on the flipchart paper. After approximately 5 minutes you will rotate to a different section of the room to add more information to another groups knowledge. This will be repeated until every group has added to each geographic factor. The whole group will then discuss the findings.

Don't forget to write the information down in your folders as the information will help with the assessment task.

(Optional Task)

  1. Develop a two sided A4 guide to the benefits and problems that tourism can bring to an area.


Divide the page in to four and write the following headings at the top of each quadrant:

              • Social
              • Economic
              • Environmental
              • Political

Discuss the issues of each heading, use the links below to help you.

Activity Four - Critical Thinking

Now you have looked at the impacts of tourism it is time to decide whether you would like tourism to develop in the area where you live. Disney have put in an application to develop a small resort in your neighourhood. They will be building a new road, shops and at least one hotel. In approximately 500 words explain whether you would like to have this tourist attraction in your neighbourhood or not. Think about all the elements (SEEP) that we have discussed in the lesson. Evidence is also crucial. Where have you have seen specific issues? Could you use this as arguments for or against having Disney in your area.

There is no right or wrong answer! You just need to justify your choice.


      • What is tourism?
      • A description about your village for background.
      • Arguments - SEEP
      • Conclusion - try and get off the fence, should Disney build in your village?


      • Introduction - Main Body - Conclusion - it is a mini essay
      • 600 words
      • Size 12 font
      • Write in google doc - remember to give it a sensible title
      • Remember to use the vocabulary you have learnt in the last few lessons
      • Bibliography - if you have used evidence from sources

How will I be assessed?

Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding

Criterion C: Communicating

Criterion D - Thinking Critically