002 - Tourism in my 

back yard

Factual Question:

What impact has the process of global interactions through the medium of tourism had on its networks?

Approaches to Learning

Communication Skills - Reading, writing and using language to gather and communicate information - Write for different purposes.

Key Terminology

Define the key terms above by using the 'Useful Links' below.

Useful Links

Activity One - Describe and Discuss

The interpretation of visual images such as photographs is an important skill to develop within Individuals and Societies. Photographs can be used as evidence to help to build up a 'story' of what is happening in a given place. Just like you discovered in the previous lesson when you described a graph there are certain 'procedures' to follow. Answer the questions below by using the resource on how to describe an image in the 'Useful Resource' box. 

Useful Resources

Definition - Impact

This is when something has an effect on something else. The effect can be positive or negative.


How can the problem be managed? Perhaps think about scale. What could a single person do to manage the problem? What the town do?

Activity Two - Watch

As a group we are going to make notes from the YouTube clips on the positive and negative aspects of tourism. We will record your thoughts on a Padlet. Padlet allows us to contribute our thoughts on a single 'wall'. Think about the social, environmental and economic issues - remember these are the geographic factors. 

Useful Resources

Causes of Tourism/ Negatives of Tourism

Positives of Toursim

Negatives of Tourism

Activity Three - Discuss

We are now going to explore the impact of tourism in more detail. For this task you will be divided into four teams and be asked to go to a certain section of the room or corridor. Each team will given flipchard paper with one of the four headings below on it:

Geographic Factors

Discuss how tourism impacts one of the geographical factors above. You can use the information collated from the clips on Padlet, your own knowledge and the resources below. Record your teams thoughts on the flipchart paper. After approximately 5 minutes you will rotate to a different section of the room to add more information to another groups knowledge. This will be repeated until every group has added to each geographic factor. The whole group will then discuss the findings.

Don't forget to write the information down in your folders as the information will help with the assessment task.

Activity Four - Critical Thinking

Now you have looked at the impacts of tourism it is time to decide whether you would like tourism to develop in the area where you live. There are proposals to build a new theme park and tourist attraction close to where you live.  They will be building a new road, shops and at least one hotel. However, the decision as to whether the project should be given the go-ahead is to be made by the local government authorities after a referendum amoung the local population. No decision has been made yet! Members of the local community are split about whether or not the project should be given permission to go ahead.

Your task is to produce either a leaflet or an extended piece of writing giving your view about whether or not the theme park should be built. This is a persuasive piece. You will have approximately 500 words to give your arguments. Think about all the elements (SEEP) that we have discussed in the lesson. Evidence is also crucial. Where have you have seen these specific issues? Could you use this evidence to help you argue for or against having a theme park in your area. 

There is no right or wrong answer! You just need to justify your choice



Suggestion of Sentence Beginnings


Main Body


Tourism in My Back Yard - Grid

Useful Resources

blooloop - First Look at Gullivers Valley - Description of a theme park

Warrignton Guardian - Gulliver's World met with Angry Locals  - Negatives of the theme park.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed formatively on Criterion A: Knowing and understanding-both strands, Criterion C: Communicating-all strands and Criteron D: Thinking critically-ii. 

Tourism in My Back Yard - Formative Assessment