001 - Human Development

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

The multidimensional process of human development and ways to measure it:

Validity and reliability of development indicators and indices, including the human development index (HDI) and gender inequality index (GII).


Human development is a multidimensional process, which makes quantifying the indicators a challenge.


Key Terminology

Define the terms above by using the 'Useful Links' below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Validity?

Many of you will have looked at the idea of using composite forms of data before. We have used them in various parts of this course to compare different countries. But how valid is that data? We are going to look at the key components of the HDI and GII and evaluate how successful they are as indicators . To do this you will be watching a YouTube clip, using a data focused website to explore examples and the course textbook ' Geography Global Interactions. study and Revision Guide' by Simon Oakes page 44.

Life Expectancy

Useful Resource

World Bank - Life Expectancy Data

Calculating your life expectance - Blueprintincome and NMFN 

Gross National Income

Useful Resource

World Bank - GNI Data

Human Development Index

Gender Inequality Index

Exam Style Question

'Composite indicators are the only way to show the levels of human development. Discuss.  [12 marks]

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