010 - Storm Chasers

Factual Questions

How was a specific hurricane caused?

What damage was caused by a specific hurricane?

Did the area ever recover from the specific hurricane?

Taken From: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/28/us/hurricane-harvey-texas.html

Image One - Hurricane Harvey 2017 - New York Times

Taken From: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/28/us/hurricane-harvey-texas.html

Key Terminology

            • Cause
            • Consequence
            • SEEP - Social, Environmental, Economic, Political Factors

We will be using the above terms throughout the next few lessons and categorising the type of damage caused by hurricanes.

Activity One - Newspaper Report

You are a reporter for National Geographic and you have been given the assignment to develop a newspaper report that will describe and explain the impact a hurricane has had on an area. You can choose any hurricane that has occurred throughout the world; there is no constraint on location or year that it swirled. Do be careful of the word count. Journalists have to stay within a certain word count for each article to fit in to their allocated section on a page.

We will be using LucidPress as an application to present this newspaper report. Don't panic if you are not sure how to use LucidPress as we will go through the mechanics of it as a group. The newspaper report must be set in a standard newspaper article format (as seen below) and should include the following information.


              • Headline
              • Location – Where did the devastation take place? (Remember to include a map).
              • Explanation of how it happened - Why did the hurricane take place? Include diagrams.
              • Description of what happened – Time line of events.
              • The effect of the damage – Economic (buildings, roads, infrastructure), social (people forced to move), and environmental (landscape).Try and include eye witness accounts.
              • What is being done to rebuild the damage caused? How can we inform people about the danger of hurricanes? E.g. evacuation/ emergency plans.

Presentation of Newspaper Report

              • Word Limit - 750 maximum
              • Header
              • Columns for the information
              • Images/sketches/maps needed figure numbers need a title
              • Bibliography
Hurricane report

Useful Resources

How will I be Assessed?

You will be formally assessed on your newspaper report and I will be focusing on Criterion A - Knowing and Understanding and Criterion C - Communicating.

Hurricane Report - Individuals and Societies Department