002 - Types of Hazards

Factual Question

How do natural and human-induced hazards occur?

Debatable Question

Are human-induced disasters more dangerous than natural ones?

Key Terminology

            • Earthquake
            • Flood
            • Human Induced Disaster
            • Tornado
            • Volcano

We will be defining the key terms above throughout the lesson so there is no need to do it now. If you are still unsure of their meaning by the end of the lesson the 'Useful Links' below will help you to understand them.

Useful Link

Activity One - Jigsaw

I am sure you have all watched the news, seen images on the internet or even read books about the devastation that hazards can and have caused. Rather than me talk you through a number of them individually in small teams you are going to do the work. As a group you will be divided in to teams to research a particular type of hazard. Each team will become 'experts' on that hazard by filling in recording grid.

      1. You will have 30 minutes to research the hazard.
      2. One person in the team will then be chosen to be the expert for each hazard.
      3. The other team members will then rotate around the other groups to learn about our other focus hazards. They will also take notes.
      4. Once each team has rotated around all the groups they will rejoin their chosen 'expert' to teach him/her about the other hazards.
Year 9 Hazards - Jigsaw Activity

Useful Resources

Activity Two - Persuasive Writing (Could also be a presentation)

You have now learnt about five key types of hazards that occur throughout the world. From the evidence that you have been given write a short persuasive piece which justifies which hazard poses the greatest risk to humans and why.

Requirements for Mini Essay

      • 400 word limit
      • 4 paragraph mini essay
      • Introduction - outlining what a hazard is and why we should be concerned about them.
      • 2 paragraphs outlining your arguments using examples of place to illustrate your ideas.
      • Conclusion - summarise your thoughts.

Requirements for the Presentation

      • 7 slide limit.
      • Slides to be visual.
      • Include data on the slides.
      • No more than 20 words per slide.
      • Presentation to last no more than 3 minutes.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment Criteria 8 -9 - Individuals and Societies Department

Activity Three - Vote

You have all decided which type of hazard is potentially the most dangerous to humans but do we all agree? A number of you will be asked to read out your key arguments which you devised during Activity Two. We will then take a vote to see if we can come up with a consensus of which hazard is truly the most destructive.

Activity Four - Watch

You will need your headphones for this activity. Watch the YouTube clip below and just enjoy the wonders of Geography.