2 - National Security

This section of the course focuses on how the nuclear arms race changed (and is still changing) the nature of global power and influence.

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Image Two - Valient Victory

Key Concept

Time, place and space - How does time and place impact our perception of national security?

Related Concepts

Globalisation, power, innovation and revolution - has an increasingly shrinking world caused an increase in innovation and the desire for power?

Global Context

Scientific and technology innovation - Students will explore how nuclear reactions can be a force for 'evil' as well as good.

Statement of Inquiry

Scientific and technological innovations occur most rapidly during periods of shifting power.

Inquiry Questions

Factual Questions: Remembering facts and topics

  • What is nuclear fission and fusion?
  • What are the benefits of owning nuclear weapons?
  • Why do countries use nuclear energy?
  • What is a civil society?

Conceptual Questions: Analysing big ideas

  • How does innovation correlate to national security and economic development?

Debatable Questions: Evaluating perspectives and developing theories

  • 'Nuclear manipulation always ends in a disaster' Discuss

Unit Outline and ATL Sheet

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