001 - What is I&S?

Factual Question

What types of topics are studied in Individuals and Societies?

Key Terminology

            • Geography
            • History
            • Economics
            • Religious Studies

Define the words above either by using the links provided below or using your search engine. Remember you can search for definitions by putting the word define: followed by the word you want defining.

Useful Links

Activity One - Watch and Mind Map

We will watch the YouTube clip below to find out what Individuals and Societies is all about.

      • As we watch the clip mind map all the different elements of Individuals and Societies that you see.
      • And as I am a geographer and slightly biased towards the wonder that is studied throughout Geography. Listen to the fabulous song in the second YouTube clip and add anything you find interesting to your mind map.

Activity Two - Create

  • Create an A4 poster to inform next years Year 7 what Individuals and Societies is all about. You can draw, use images from the web or cut out images from magazines to make a collage.

How will I be assessed?

Criterion C: Communicating

Assessment - What is I&S?