001 - What is I&S?

Factual Question

What types of topics are studied in Individuals and Societies?


Key Terminology

  • Geography
  • History
  • Economics
  • Religious Studies

Define the words above either by using the links provided below or using your search engine. Remember you can search for definitions by putting the word define: followed by the word you want defining.

Useful Links

Activity One - Watch and Mind Map

Taken From: http://cdn-media-1.lifehack.org/wp-content/files/2012/09/Mind-Map-Structure.png
  • We will watch the clip below as a group. As we watch the clip mind map all the different elements of Individuals and Societies that you see.
  • And as I am a geographer and slightly biased towards the wonder that is studied throughout Geography. Listen to this fabulous song and add anything you find interesting to your mind map.

Activity Two - Create

  • Create an A4 poster to inform next years Year 7 what Individuals and Societies is all about. You can draw, use images from the web or cut out images from magazines to make a collage.

How will I be assessed?

How will I be assessed?

Criterion C: Communicating