010 - Food Insecurity

Factual Question

How can the change in population cause food insecurity?

How can aid create networks between people and places?

Key Terminology

            • Food Insecurity

            • Famine

            • Food Aid

We will define the key words above throughout the lesson but if you are still unsure of their meaning the 'Useful Links' below will help you.

Useful Links

Activity One - Discuss

In the previous lesson we explored the idea of being malnourished we are now going to investigate what it means to be food insecure.

      1. Define the words in the key terminology box.

      2. Where in the world do people suffer from food insecurity/hunger? Why?

Image One - Taken From - WFP

Activity Two - Watch and Note Taking

We often think that people who are living through a period of time where they are not food secure do not live in High-Income Countries but this is not true. We are lucky to have various support networks to allow us to survive in times of trouble but this is not always the case.

      1. Watch the YouTube clip and write down who is impacted by food insecurity.

      2. How has the video impacted your views concerning people who suffer from food insecurity?

      3. There are four key stages of food insecurity. Go through the article in the 'Useful Resources' box and make notes on the different stages.

Activity Three - Food Aid

We are now going to explore how food aid can lift people out of the clutches of death. It is not a simple decision to give food aid though as some areas can become dependent on it. Answer the following questions using the YouTube clip and the article in the 'Useful Resources' box.

      1. What is food aid?

      2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of food aid?

      3. Read the article ´Food Aid - Global Issues´ and complete the table below.

Activity Four - Newspaper (Optional Activity)

Write a newspaper report outlining the issues of hunger from a country of your choice. The newspaper will need to include the following points:

                • the geographic causes of hunger - social, economic, environmental and political factors (SEEP).

                • the stage of food insecurity the country is in.

                • the impact of hunger - SEEP

                • an evaluation of the aid that is given.

                • suggestions of how to solve the issue of hunger

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed on Criterion A - Knowing and understanding, Criterion C - Communicating, and Criterion D - Thinking Critically strands i and ii.