At the International School of Geneva you will have an International Relations exam in Year 11.

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Key Points

  • The exam will count for two Criteria A - Knowing and Understanding and two Criteria D - Thinking Critically grades.
  • Duration - 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Sections:
      • 2 sections with short structured questions including stimulus such as a graph, lasting 30 minutes each.
      • 1 essay chosen from two or three, lasting 30 minutes each.


This year you will get to chose to write an essay either on the 'Hegemons of Power' unit or 'Migration'. Which means the short, structured sections will focus on the units 'National Security' and 'Emerging Super Powers'.

Examples of Past Papers

As this is only the second year that this course has been run there is only one set of sample questions.

International Relations Exam 2016
International Relations Resource Sheet Exam 2016