001 - Cartography

Factual Questions

What maps do we have access to?

What are maps used for?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of maps?

Debatable Question

Do maps always tell the truth?

Key Terminology

            • Map

Useful Links

Activity One - Evolution of Maps

We will be using a mixture of the pre-release material and other sources to investigate the evolution of maps. Answer the following questions by using 'Source 1: The evolution of maps'.

      1. Who has used maps and why?
      2. Describe the different maps that are identified in the clip.
      3. What did early map development depend on?
      4. How have maps developed more accurately and efficiently today?
      5. How has technological innovation allowed our maps to go from fixed images to a dynamic art form?
      6. How and why has our motivation to use maps changed?
      7. Using www.videonot.es as an aid to record your ideas, make notes on the history of cartography.
      8. Watch the YouTube clip on 'The Great Arc' and describe how imagination and ingenuity helped to map India.

Activity Two - Identify

For this activity we are going to identify different types of maps using Source 2 in the pre-release material. Suggest what the maps are used for evaluate their success as a map. Create a grid which has three columns.

            1. Type of map
            2. How could the maps used?
            3. Evaluate the success of the map. What do they show? Is that information accurate? Is there anything missing?

Extension Question

            1. What maps do we use today and why?

Names of Types of Maps

Thematic Map Political Map Satellite Map Flow Map

Topological Map Satirical Map Climatic Map

Activity Three - Maps as a form of Cultural Identity

We often think of historical maps being used as a window into the culture of a country but can maps still do that today? Look at the images and then watch the 'YouTube' below and suggest how culture can impact the development and view of a map.

Activity Four - Justify

You have now learnt about the history of cartography, been exposed to a range of maps that are used and discovered why I think maps are pretty cool! There may be many ideas of why maps were first created and how they have been influenced by what we have seen and also our culture but what do you think is more important in the development of maps? Imagination or reason? Remember to also use the questions you answered with your other teacher and Source 9 of the pre-release material.

      • Write a short piece justifying whether imagination or reason has had the greatest influence on the development of maps? Or do they go hand in hand?