007 - How do we


Conceptual Questions

What components (human and physical) help to make a city-state successful?

Key Terminology

            • Component - in this case we are looking at different natural and human factors that we have focused on in previous lessons which have helped to make each city-state successful such as specialisations, use of water and innovations.

Activity One - Question

As part of the 'Living Museum' you will be given time to go and visit another civilisation of your choice. While you are there you will be asked to complete the question sheet below. This will help you to do the final assignment for this unit in which you will be asked to compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of two city states.

2018 Year 7 Bronze Age Ci...s Living Museum Questions

Activity Two - Extended Written Task

You are now going to develop an extended piece of writing to discuss what the similarities and differences were between the two city-states that you have now investigated. You are also going to suggest what types of innovations and specialisms are needed within a city-state for it to be successful. But don't panic as we are going to work together to structure the essay and suggest what content should be included within it.

Extended Writing Title

'What innovations and specialisms are needed to make a city-state successful?'

Stage One - Mind Mapping

      • Collect a piece of A4 paper from the trolley and a set of coloured pens.
      • You will be using one coloured pen to record the similarities between the two city-states.
      • Chose a second coloured pen to record the differences between the two city-states.
      • Chose a third coloured pen to record the innovations or specialisations that made the city-states successful or powerful.

Stage Two - Formal Plan

You have now written down your thoughts about the two-city states that you have investigated and your next task is to rearrange those ideas into a plan. A plan is essential when written extended pieces as it will help you to organise your thoughts. Open up a new Googledoc in your Year 7 Individuals and Societies folder. Give that Googledoc a sensible title - 2020 - Year 7 - Bronze Age Cities Comparison Report - Your Name. Then make a copy of the table below and paste it into your Googledoc.

Bronze Age Cities - Comparison

Formal Presentation

It is important to also consider how you extended piece of writing looks. Follow the instructions below to make your essay look formal:

        1. Insert a header and write the following in the top right - Your Name - Year - Bronze Age
        2. Insert Page Numbers - bottom right
        3. Header (this is the research question) - Size 14 and bold
        4. Font Type - Tahoma, Verdana, Lato, Arial
        5. Font Size - 12
        6. Alignment - Justify
        7. Bibliography.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed using criterion A - Knowing and Understanding, C - Communicating and D - Thinking Critically

Copy of Assessment Criteria Year 7