002 - The influence of TNCs

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

The influence of TNCs (agribusinesses and the media) in shaping food consumption habits.


Agribusiness and the media have the power to shape our food consumption habits.


  • To have knowledge and understanding of the influence of agribusiness TNCs in shaping food consumption.
  • To have knowledge and understanding of the influence of the media in shaping food consumption.

Key Terminology

            • No new terms will be used in this lesson.

Activity One - Essay Preparation

To explore this syllabus point we are going to create an essay plan. It will help you to understand what is expected from an essay question along with discovering how your peers' write. The Extended Response Question is:

Evaluate the role of TNCs in shaping food consumption.

Using the resource below plan your response to the question above.


McDonalds and Cargill

Cargill's Global Food System

Cargill - Clean Meat

Everything you need to know

Avocados from Mexico

Super Bowl Commercials

China's avocado craze

Activity Two - Group Writing

We are now going to write and mark the essay that you have planned as a group.

Step One

      1. Everyone will be given a piece of lined A4 paper and you will all write an introduction within five minutes.
      2. Once the five minutes is over you will be asked to fold the paper over and then you will pass it to the person on your left.
      3. You will then be given another five minutes to write the first paragraph of the main body.
      4. Once the five minutes is up you will be again asked to fold the piece of paper and to pass it to the second person on your left.
      5. You will be given a further five minutes to write the second paragraph of your main body.
      6. Once those five minutes are up you will fold the piece of paper over and pass it to the third person on your left.
      7. This process will be followed another three times - two more main body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Step Two

      1. The essays will then be handed in to your teacher to mix up and redistribute.
      2. Each person will take a coloured pen and to mark the essay that they have been given. Remember to write comments on the side of the page.
      3. A number of people will be called on at random to share their scores with the reasons why.

Step Three

      1. Choose a different coloured pen and write advice to the people who wrote the essay that you have marked how to improve.
      2. Share your advice by writing it on the board.
      3. Everyone will be asked to take a picture of that advice to help you to prepare for the mocks.

Assessment Criteria - Extended Response Questions

Assessment Criteria P1 and P2 10 marks

Exam Style Question

Using a named example, explain TWO ways that TNCs have influence our food consumption habits. [4 marks]

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