003 - Living in an Extreme Environment

Debatable Question

Can humans truly survive in the desert?

Image One - Nations Students in the Desert - Photography Taken by Ellena Mart

Key Terminology

            • Survival

Define the term above from your own knowledge and then we will discuss it.

Activity One - 360 View

You have all investigated what a specific ethnic group is like but what is it really like to live in a desert? Let's investigate... First, you will need your smartphone.

      • Install the 'Roundme' app
      • Search for Arid Environments or go to the menu > type Richard Allaway or geogalot > Desert Life VR Experience Berber Style Camp
      • Turn the device landscape and click on the Google Cardboard icon.
      • Place your phone into the Google Cardboard.

Answer the questions below using what you can see in the Google Cardboard.

      1. Describe the desert landscape.
      2. Name the landforms that you can see.
      3. What do you think it would be like to live in a desert?
      4. The tribe is nomadic and people live in tents. How do the tents protect people from the desert storms?
      5. What evidence is there in the photograph of how the Berbers cook?
      6. What evidence is there in the images that there is water?

Activity Two - Migration

Africa is not an isolated continent and therefore migration from other areas has had an impact.

      1. Write down where you think migrants may have come from? Use the flags in the map above to help you.
      2. Why would these migrants want to move or conquer parts of Africa? If you are struggling use the useful link below.
      3. What influence might these migrants have had on areas within Africa? Think positives as well as negatives.

Activity Three - Share

It is always good to share our views with each other and padlet is an online tool that helps us to do that. Using the last two lessons work answer question one in the padlet below.

      1. Write three different sentences that illustrate the diversity of Africa. Share your sentences using the padlet below.
      2. Can you find the countries of Africa? Take this 'Sporcle' Quiz - Find the Countries of Africa