004 - International Conflict

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

Internationally shared water resources as a source of conflict.


The sharing of water resources at all scales has the possibility to cause power struggles. When a water resource, such as the River Nile, is shared at an international scale the level of possible conflict is great. All stakeholders - ranging from national governments to individual farmers and environmental bodies have a role to play in attempting to resolve the conflict.


Key Terminology

Define the key terms above using the 'Useful Links' below and your 'Freshwater' textbook by Codrington.

Useful Links

Activity One - Location and Causality

For this section of the course, we are going to explore the conflict that has and is occurring on the Nile due to different stakeholders using the water for a variety of purpose. While I am sure that you have all heard of the Nile river and the fact that it runs through Egypt we need to know about more than that for this syllabus point. 

Activity Two - Case Study 

Now we specifically need to look at the location, how the water is used and managed. Answer the following questions using the map and the information in the 'Useful Resources' box below.

 Useful Resources

BBC News - Death of The Nile

Could watch - Sacred Rivers with Simon Reeve - 1. The Nile. - which is on the shared department Video Resources

Activity Three - Impact

Now you know about the actual cause of the conflict and who it involves we now to investigate the impact that it is having on Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia. The group is going to be divided into three teams to investigate a specific country. Either on A3 paper or on LucidPress create a guide to the impact that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project is projected to have in the chosen three countries. Each team will need to focus on the following points:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Student Created Guides to the GERD Stakeholders






Impact of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam .pdf


Ethiopia - DAM.pdf


Impact of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project on Sudan.pdf


Exam Style Question

Discuss the role of different stakeholders involved in seeking a viable solution to a conflict about a named internationally shared water resource. [10 Marks]

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