001 - Seeds of Change

Factual Question

What is a revolution?

What conditions helped create the industrial revolution in England?

Key Terminology

Define the word above using the useful link below.

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Activity One - Skills

Part of studying in Individuals and Societies is about learning key skills. The ability to interpret graphs and images and to extract information from sources is a crucial element of the discipline. By answering the following questions using the information in the 'Useful Resources' box you will learn what the Industrial Revolution was and when it began.

Useful Resources

Activity Two - Watch

It is important to know what where the  key events in industry to make such a revolutionary change to society. 

Useful Resources

Industrial Revolution in Britain

Daily Dose

What was the Industrial Revolution?

English Heritage

Activity Three - Research and Argue

While the Industrial Revolution was caused by key advancements in technology there were other catalysts.

How will I be assessed?

Causes of the Industrial Revolution Assessment Criteria