001 - Seeds of Change

Factual Question

What is a revolution?

What conditions helped create the industrial revolution in England?

Key Terminology

            • Revolution
            • Primary Industry
            • Secondary Industry

Define the word above using the useful link below.

Useful Link

Activity One - Skills

Part of studying in Individuals and Societies is about learning key skills. The ability to interpret graphs and images and to extract information from sources is a crucial element of the discipline. By answering the following questions using the information in the 'Useful Resources' box you will learn what the Industrial Revolution was and when it began.

      1. Describe what is happening in Image One below. Remember to state the obvious first and then illustrate what you thoughts with data.
      2. Using the YouTube clip what was the Industrial Revolution.
      3. Discuss the possible reasons for this change with your neighbour and then write those reasons down in your book.
      4. Looking at the photographs in Image Two, what do they suggest the industrial revolution was like?

Useful Resources

Activity Two - Watch

It is important to know what where the key events in industry to make such a revolutionary change to society.

      1. Take a piece of A3 paper.
      2. Write 'Industrial Revolution' in the middle of the page.
      3. Watch the clip below and mind map different elements of the industrial revolution. It would be good to write the causes, impacts and case studies in different colours.

Activity Three - Research

While the Industrial Revolution was caused by key advancements in technology there were other catalysts.

      1. Read the article below in the 'Useful Resources' section and bullet point the other possible causes that created an environment of change onto lined paper.
      2. In your opinion, what was the key cause of the Industrial Revolution?
                • Write no more than 500 words to justify your choice.
                • Try and use the traditional five paragraph essay approach.
                • You need to include evidence.
                • Bibliography is essential.
                • You will be assessed on this using Criterion A, C and D.

How will I be assessed?

Causes of the Industrial Revolution Assessment Criteria