004 - Working Conditions

Debatable Question

To what extent have the working conditions in factories improved over time?

Key Terminology

            • Working conditions

Define the key term by using the 'Useful Link' below:

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Activity One - Change

Textile manufacturing has gone through a revolutionary change from its inception; from the types of machinery that are now used to make our clothing, to the location of where our clothing is produced. Global interactions have played a critical role in these changes. While much of our clothing is mass produced in huge factories abroad there are still a few in England who are trying to survive this much more hostile and competitive environment.

      1. What has changed to cause the production of clothing to move to Asia? (Think about what we have looked at in the Global Tourism unit.)
      2. Watch the clip below and describe the conditions that the factory workers live and work in within Bangladesh. Record your results in the Padlet below.
      3. Why are people beginning to buy British made clothes again? Read one of the articles below to help you.

Activity Two - Create

Create a poster to highlight the working conditions of someone working in a textile factor in Asia. Not many people consider where their clothes come from and the situations of the people that make them. The aim of the poster is to persuade people to start questioning the impact that their purchases are having on people in this increasingly connected world.

How will I be assessed?

Working Conditions Poster Assessment Criteria