006 - The Nexus

Conceptual Question

How can knowledge of the nexus potentially prompt technological innovations that can change sustainability across networks?

Key Terminology

  • Water-Food-Energy Nexus

  • Wicked problem.

We will define the key terms above during the course of the lesson.

Activity One - Watch and Draw

It is important to consider the importance of connectivity when considering how to be sustainable and resource secure. But what is the nexus and why is it important to understand? Answer the questions below:

  1. Watch the YouTube clip below and make notes on what the 'Food-Water-Energy Nexus' is and how it relates to the UNs SDGs.

  2. Draw a diagram to help you to explain the 'food-water-energy' nexus.

Useful Resources

Sustainable Development Goals and the 'food-water-energy' nexus

The Nexus

Taken From - geographypods

Activity Two - Wicked Problem

While countries may be secure in either the production of food, the availability of water, and energy they may not be in all three areas. To try and solve this countries often resort to either importing the resources or turning to technological innovation to solve the problem. Ultimately this can be a challenge as there may not be a perfect solution to resource insecurity. But what makes a problem 'wicked'? Using the link in the 'Useful Resources' box below answer the following questions:

  1. Write a definition of what a 'wicked problem' is.

  2. Why do we need to talk about 'wicked problems?

  3. Give three examples of 'wicked problems'.

Activity Three - Debate

As you have now discovered there are many types of wicked problems, but which is the most pressing? Decide on which problem is the most severe and be ready to justify your answer.

  1. Which wicked problem is the worst (in your opinion)? If you are struggling, spend two minutes searching newspaper headlines to give you ideas).

  2. Write down your viewpoint and explain why you personally believe it is the 'worst' wicked problem.

  3. Several of you will be chosen at random to go through your ideas. The group will be asked to question your viewpoint.