004 - The Iceman -

Body of Evidence

Factual Question

Where was Otzi found?

Why did Otzi's body not decompose?

What artefacts did he have on him?

Approaches to Learning

How do I find and organise information?

How can I decide what is important?

How do historians gather, process and analyze information?

Key Terminology

            • Climate Change
            • Forensic Investigation

Define the key terms above using the 'Useful Links' below:

Useful Links

The Assignment

You are going to be a historical police detective for this assignment. You will gather evidence through research, create a idea of how an unknown body died and support your reasoning using relevant evidence. Your decisions are going to need to persuade a court that your findings are correct and therefore you will need a definite opinion on how the person died. Persuading someone to think the way you do requires careful planning and thought.

Thank you to Matt Podsbury of www.geographypods.com for the ideas in this lesson.

Activity One - Finding the Body - Location

You will initially be recording information about where the body was found and by who to get an initial assessment of the death of an unknown man. To do this you are going to be using a number of sources of evidence from maps to youtube clips and you are required by the investigating team to fill in the grid below.

Google Document

Resources - Location Maps

Activity Two - The Body

You now know where the body was found and by who but what state was the body in and what artefacts did the body have on or around it?

      • Collect the official recording form and draw an outline of how the body was found.
      • Write a description of the state the body was in in the box provided. Think about colour, state of decomposition.
      • Did they find any markings on the body? If you answer yes put these onto the body.
      • What was the body wearing? Annotate your body with a description of the clothing.
      • Mark around the body where any artefacts were found.
      • Write a short description of each artefact found.


What is the difference between labelling a diagram and annotating it?

When you label a diagram you use one or two words but an annotation is a short description.


Google Document

Activity Three - Watch

The clip below is long so we will be recording the key information in it in a specific way. Collect a piece of A3 paper and write Otzi in the middle of that piece of paper. Put a bubble around the word Otzi. Record the following aspects of Otzi using different coloured pens on the A3 paper. You will be building up a coloured coded mind map.

          • Location of discovery and by who.
          • Items that Otzi had around him.
          • Wounds and scaring on Otzi's body.
          • Clothing that Otzi was wearing.
          • How the scientists found out about Otzi.