003 - Gods and Goddesses

Significant Concept

To have knowledge of the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt and how important religion was to the Egyptians.

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Key Terminology

  • Re/Ra - the sun god
  • Thoth - the god of wisdom and writing
  • Isis - the goddess of women
  • Osiris - the god of the afterlife
  • Horus - the god of the sky and kingship


Don't make any notes this is just for fun!


You task is to develop an information guide for the key gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt. This can either be done on paper or in your book. It will need to include the following:

  • Include all of the gods and goddesses in the key terminology above.
  • You could also include: Hathor, Maat, Geb, Set, Amemit, Amen or Sobek
  • Include an annotated hand drawn diagram of the god.
  • Description of the god - who are they related to? what are they the god of? story.
  • Think about your spellings.
  • Make it colourful and interesting.


This project will be assessed using Criteria A - Knowing and Understanding and Criteria B - Investigating.