003 - Powerful Organisations and Global Groups

Geographic knowledge and understanding

Powerful organizations and global groups:

• G7/8, G20 and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

(OECD) groups

• Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) influence over

energy policies

• global lending institutions, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

and New Development Bank (NDB)


Power can be held by organizations and global groups such as the World Bank, the IMF, and OPEC because of the resources they have and how they give others access to it. Much of the power is held by the global core which has great influence upon the global periphery.


  • To be able to explain the role of several powerful organizations and global groups (G7, G20, OECD, OPEC, IMF, and NDB).
  • To be able to briefly evaluate the influence of these powerful organizations and global groups.

Key Terminology

These are going to be all of the different groups listed in the 'Geographic knowledge and understanding'. As you are going to be developing a table of information about each group the definitions will be done there.

Activity One - Comprehension

Many of the different groups mentioned in the 'Geographic knowledge and understanding' section you will have already heard of before, but do you actually know what their purpose is and which countries are members of the groups? Fill in the grid below either on the copy that has been handed to you or by making a digital copy in google docs. Each group has a youtube clip to watch but you also need to read 'Geography Global Interactions by Oakes Pages 7-9. An example of how much detail needs to be included has been completed for the G7 group.

Google Document

Activity Two - Discussion of Influence

Now you have written down what each organisation is and what they do, we need to discuss in a little more detail how influential they are. For each point below try and say how influential you think each group exerts on them.

                • USA
                • Low-income nation seeking development assistance
                • The price you and your family pay for fuel.
                • The upper-middle-income country
                • Switzerland
                • The World

Exam Style Question

Using examples, explain how at least two powerful global organisations use their power. [12 marks]

Model Introduction - 12 mark EAQ - Power

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