004 - Manipulation

of Resources

Significant Concept

To have knowledge of how Gandhi manipulated resources in India to influence the decolonisation process.

Key Terminology

            • Manipulation

Activity One - Mind Mapping

  1. Mind map everything you know about India and Gandhi.
  2. As a group we will discuss what knowledge you are bringing to class.

Activity Two - Watch

  • As you watch the clips try and answer the questions below:

Activity Three - Obituary

Your task is to write an obituary on the life and accomplishments of Gandhi. This can be written from the period of time directly after Gandhi's death or from a more recent decade. Try and include the following points:

  • Define key terms such as decolonisation
  • Key facts - death, birth, date of independence
  • Gandhi's personality and the impact of it
  • Raising awareness of the issues - segregation, inequality, racism, manipulation of resources, how was this done? Success?
  • Long term impacts of Gandhi's life


  • No more than 1200 words
  • Structure - thesis statement, topic sentence, conclusion (5 paragraph essay)
  • Evidence
  • Images
  • Check your spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Bibliography


You will be assessed on Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding and D: Communicating.