Having the ability to be able to interpret and critique infographics is an essential element of Paper Two. Being able to read and analyse information is a key transferrable skill that I am sure can be used in other Diploma subjects.

Activity One - Read

In Paper Two you will be asked to interpret and critique an infographic. It is worth 10 marks out a total of 50 marks for Paper Two. To learn about what an infographic is and how to critique one read the Google Slides below and complete the first two sections of the Google Doc.

Dealing with infographics [version 2]
End of Unit Population - Review

Activity Two - Marking

It is important to gain an understanding of how an examiner would mark the infographic section of the course. To do this collect a print out of the pdf below and we will be 'attacking' the marking by following the steps on the first page.

DP Geography Infographic - Marking.pdf

Mr. Allaway has developed a revision website that includes a section on infographics. If you would like to test yourself please visit -