003 - Malaria, a vector-borne disease

Syllabus Points

Examine (AO3) the geographic factors responsible for the incidence and spread of two diseases.

Evaluate (AO3) the geographic impact of these two diseases at the local, national and international scales.

Evaluate (AO3) the management strategies that have been applied in any one country or region for one of these diseases.

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Key Terminology

Define the words above using a dictionary from the classroom, the link provided and the 'Command Term' posters in the classroom.

Useful Links

Activity One - Why focus on Malaria?

  • You have 5 minutes to find as many newspaper headings as you can that mention malaria. We will discuss the findings as a group.

Activity Two - Watch

As you watch the clip below make notes on what malaria is and how it impacts the human body.

Activity Three - Where? Why there?

  • Describe where the highest rates of malaria can be found.
  • There are specific causes for the spread of malaria, complete the table below explaining what geographic factors impact the incidence of malaria. Use the useful links and your 'Geography Course Companion' to help you.

Useful Links

Malaria ib food and health from Tom McLean

Activity Four - Fact sheets

  • You have now have the basics concerning malaria but you are missing data. On A6 paper create a fact sheet on malaria, try and include the following points:
      • Amount of people at risk
      • Worst effected countries or regions
      • Who the most effected are
      • Estimated costs
      • Interesting points

Useful Resources

Activity Five - Case Study

  • Case studies, local, national and international - You will will be working in teams of three to develop a guide that will evaluate the geographic impacts of malaria.
      • No more than one page of A4 for each team.
      • Social
      • Environmental
      • Economic
      • Political

Useful Links

Activity Six - Watch

Watch the TEDtalk below and write down how Bill Gates believes we can manage the incidence of malaria. Do you think it could be successful? Explain your answer.