007 - Function and Specialisation

Factual Question

What is the function of a town or city?

Debatable Question

Why is it beneficial for urban areas to specialise their function?

Key Terminology

            • Function

            • Specialisation

We will using the key terms above throughout the course of the lesson, if you are unsure of what the words mean please click on the links to read the definitions.

Useful Links

Activity One - Comprehension

As with many things before we can investigate areas of the world that interest you, you need to understand why towns and cities often choose to specialise in one or two functions. To do this click on the link in the 'Useful Resources' box and read the webpage to help you answer the questions below:

      1. What is a settlement?

      2. Draw a settlement hierarchy. The descriptions just underneath the key definitions on the webpage will help you.

      3. By reading the 'BBC - Natural Advantages' and Zoe's Document on 'Focus on Geneva', suggest what natural advantages Geneva has that would have encouraged people to settle here.

      4. What is a 'function' of a settlement? Give examples.

      5. Why might the function of a settlement change over time?

      6. What do you think the function of Geneva is? Explain your answer. If you are struggling type Geneva into your search engine and view the first few images.

      7. Why might it be important for towns or cities to specialise in a specific function?

Activity Two - Investigate

Now you know what the function of a city can be you are now going to investigate a city of your choice. I would like you to work in pairs (or on your own) to develop a google slide presentation on the function and resulting issues your city faces. The city can be located anywhere in the world and it can also be one of the cities we have looked at so far - New York City or Mexico City. The city that you choose is particularly important as you are going to be focusing on it for the next few weeks, choose wisely! Below are key requirements for this task.

The Requirements

          • Google Slides to collate the information - be ready to present!

          • 1 slide per content item (see below)

          • Images and bullet points - no lengthy pieces of text

          • Bibliography

Content of Slides

          • Location of city - site and situation

          • Historical Growth

          • Reasons for Growth

          • Function

          • Problems caused by the function and growth - think social, economic and environment (you can put these on separate slides.

          • Does the city do anything to make the area environmentally sustainable?

          • Bibliography

Useful Resources

Settlement Functions