006 - Athens v Sparta

Factual Question

What was the education system like in Athens and Sparta?

What made each city-state strong?

How were the women treated in Athens and Sparta?

Key Terminology

There are no new terms that you need to for this activity.

Activity One - Watch

For the first activity, we are going to watch the youtube clip below which describes the key differences between Athens and Sparta. As usual, you are not going to watch the clip passively but will be completing a series of notes to document the key points. We are going to try and use the coloured pens to help group the information, alternatively you can fill in the grid:

                      • Battles and weapons
                      • Education
                      • Geography and Landscape
                      • Government
                      • Inventions
                      • Slavery
                      • Survival of the Fittest and Death
                      • Trade
                      • Women
Athens versus Sparta - Note Taking Grid

Activity Two - Detail

In the previous activity you began to develop your knowledge about the key differences between the two important city-states within Ancient Greece. To help fill in your boxes further you are going to use the blue textbook 'The Ancient World' Pages 181 - 190. This activity is going to lead towards a debate about which city-state was more powerful, so gain as much information as you can!