001 - What is a


Factual Question

What is a hazard?

Key Terminology

            • Disasters
            • Hazards
            • Risk

We will be defining the key terms above throughout the lesson so there is no need to do it now. If you are still unsure of their meaning by the end of the lesson the 'Useful Links' below will help you to understand them.

Useful Links

Taken from: money.howstuffworks.com

Image One - American Red Cross

Activity One - Think, Puzzle, Explore

Before we launch into this unit we are going to explore the image below and suggest what it might be saying to us. Answer the following questions:

      1. What do you think you know about the image?
      2. What puzzles you about the image or the topic it is trying to convey?
      3. How might we explore those puzzles?

Image One - Taken from Time Magazine

Think, Puzzle, Explore - Hazards

Activity Two - Definitions and Types of Hazards

As we are beginning a new unit of study it is important to have an understanding of the key terms that we will be using through out it. Answer the questions below by using the YouTube clip and the link in the 'Useful Resource' box.

      1. By watching the YouTube clip, define the word hazard.
      2. By watching the YouTube clip, define the word risk.
      3. Define the word disaster by clicking on the link in the 'Useful Resource' box.
      4. When does a hazard become a disaster?
      5. On an A4 sheet of paper mind map the different types of hazards - you can only use pictures.
Hazards, Risks and Disasters