001 - What is a hazard?

Factual Question

What is a hazard?

Taken from: money.howstuffworks.com

Activity One - Definitions and Types of Hazards

  1. Define the word hazard.
  2. Define the word disaster.
  3. When does a hazard become a disaster?
  4. On an A4 sheet of paper brainstorm the different types of hazards - you can only use pictures.


Activity Two - Jigsaw

As a group you will be divided in to teams to research a particular type of hazard. Each team will become an 'expert' on that hazard by filling a handout of the grid below.

    • You will have 20 minutes to research the hazard.
    • One person in the team will be chosen to be the expert.
    • The other team members will then rotate around the other groups to learn about our other focus hazards. They will also take notes.
    • Once each team has rotated around all the groups they will rejoin their chosen 'expert' to teach him/her about the other hazards.
Year 9 Hazards - Jigsaw Activity