003 - Time

Factual Question

How can time be measured?

Activity one - Past Time

As we now know history is about people and events that occurred in the past. But how do we measure time? Do you know how long a single period lasts in school or how long it takes you to run 100ms? The idea of time can be measured in different ways. Complete the table about time (thank you Mrs. Davison for the table).

How is time measured

Activity Two - How time is measured for the study of History

We are now going to focus on how historians specifically refer to different ages in history. These ages help to date specific eras that are often talked about. Copy out the paragraph below and fill in the blanks using the 'Useful Terms' box.

Historic Ages

Man's earliest ancestors can be traced back about one and three quarter million _________ . We do not measure this vast time in years but divide it into three Ages. These are:

  1. The _________ Age
  2. The _________ Age
  3. The Iron Age

They are named after the material that men most commonly used to make their weapons, __________ etc.

The period from the first sign of man up to the time when written records began to appear about 5,000 years ago is usually called _________ Time.

From the end of Prehistoric Times to the break up of the __________ Empire in about 450AD is called Ancient Times. From 450AD to approximately 1485AD is called the __________ Ages, or Medieval Times. Everything after 1485AD is spoken of as ________ Times.

Thank you Mrs. Davison for this.

Useful Terms

Before Prehistoric Tools Middle Bronze Modern Stone Years Christ Roman