003 - Skills

Factual Questions

What is an annotation?

How can we learn to draw a map simply?

Key Terminology

            • Label
            • Annotate

Define the words above using the useful links below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Watch

Before we start to draw a simple map of Egypt lets find out why it is an interesting country it is for us to study. It will also help us to focus on what is important to include on the map. We will watch part of the 'How Earth Made Us' Water episode on the changing desert landscape and water in Egypt (on the school system - Pedagogical Videos - English - Geography). It is important for us to look at where we get our evidence of the past from and it doesn't have to come from drawings on pots or through oral history. Sometimes we have to get high up to see what we are standing on. As we watch the video answer the following questions (some of them will be important for a later lesson):

        1. What evidence is there to suggest that water was once abundant in the desert?
        2. Draw a diagram of the satellite image.
        3. Why is water important in Egypt?
        4. What is in the water that helps to make the crops fertile?
        5. How did the Egyptians measure the water levels on the Nile?
        6. Include any interesting information about Egypt.
How Earth Made Us - Water

Activity Two - Draw

Your task is now to draw a sketch map of Egypt. Complete the following steps to make sure you cover everything.

      1. Take a piece of A3 paper from the front of the classroom and draw a large box that will almost cover the whole of the page. Remember to use a pencil and ruler to get straight neat lines.
      2. Inside that box draw an outline of Egypt and you can use the map below to help you.
      3. Mark on to your map the following things:

                        • The Nile
                        • The cataracts (waterfalls)
                        • Upper Egypt
                        • Lower Egypt
                        • Delta
                        • The Sahara Desert
                        • Fertile Land
                        • Key cities from Ancient Egypt

What does every map need...

Frame - To draw the map within

Title - 'A map to show...'

Key - rivers, desert, farming, cities etc

Scale - (Not to scale)

Compass Points - to show North

Useful Resource

Example of Map

Example of Egypt Map1.pdf copy.pdf

Activity Two - Annotate

You will need to use the 'World Studies. The Ancient World' textbook which can be found on the bottom shelf in Room 504 and in the middle blue cupboard in Room 508.

      1. Using pages 70 to 75 of the 'Ancient World' textbook for information, annotate you map with interesting points on:

                • Farming
                • Trade
                • Travel
                • Facts on the Nile

How will I be assessed?

Map Skills Ancient Egypt - Assessment Criteria Year 7