001 - Growth of Travel 

and Tourism

Factual Questions

How has the process of tourism created diverse interconnections between places?

Approaches to Learning

Communication Skills - Reading, writing and using language to gather and communicate information - Write for different purposes.

Key Terminology

Define the key term above by using the 'Useful Link' below:

Useful Link

Activity One - What is Tourism? 

All of you have been on a holiday before and perhaps you have been on different types of holidays, after all not everyone just goes to the beach each summer. Tour companies categorise holidays to help encourage people to go on a certain type of trip. Geographers look at the different types of holidays to see if there is a trend in what people like to do and where they are likely to go. It is done because tourism has a huge impact on our physical and human environments.

Activity Two - Skill - Has tourism grown? Why?

At the beginning of many units that you will study within Individuals and Societies we will look for evidence of change by interpreting graphs. This is done before we consider the 'why'. Being able to interpret graphs is an important skill to master within Individuals and Societies. 

How to describe graphs

Question Two

When you describe a graph you need do complete the following steps:

Hints/Key Terms

Question Three

Transport                  Internet                Money           Time Expectations                        Life Expectancy

Question Four

Disease                     Conflict                  Cost                 Fear Disasters                 Visas

Suggestions of Sentence Beginnings

Question Four


Now lets look at the changes in tourism much closer to home. The graph below focuses on the changes in tourism over five years for Switzerland. Answer the questions below:

Image Two - Arrivals into Switzerland taken from Trading Economics