001 - Growth of Travel

and Tourism

Factual Question

What is tourism?

What has influenced the growth of tourism?

Key Terminology

              • Tourism

Define the key term above by using the 'Useful Link' below:

Useful Link

Activity One - What is Tourism? How has it grown?

All of you have been on a holiday before and perhaps you have been on different types of holidays, after all not everyone just goes to the beach each summer. Tour companies categorise holidays to help encourage people to go on a certain type of trip. Geographers look at the different types of holidays to see if there is a trend in what people like to do and where they are likely to go. It is done because tourism has a huge impact on our physical and human environments.

      1. On the A4 whiteboards, list all the different types of tourism that you can think of? E.g a beach holiday
      2. Why do people visit places or go on holiday? Write three paragraphs to explain your answer. If you are struggling then use the article in the 'Useful Resource' box below.

Activity Two - Watch

Everyone thinks that tourism is a good thing for everyone, but is it? Throughout this module we will be looking at the issues that surround tourism. Remember an issue doesn't have be negative. Watch the youtube clip below and make notes on the following:

      • The benefits that tourism can bring.
      • The problems that may be created by tourism.

Activity Three - Skill - Has tourism grown? Why?

Being able to interpret graphs is an important skill if you are to be a good geographer. When you describe a graph you do the following things:

                    • Describe the general trend.
                    • Illustrate that trend using data.
                    • Describe any anomalies - bits that don't follow the trend.
                    • Illustrate that trend using data.
      1. Describe the graph above and remember to write in full sentences.
      2. What has caused the growth in tourism? Draw a detailed mind map the factors which have allowed tourism to grow on A4 paper. If you are struggling you can use the hints below.
      3. Write a paragraph to explain the factors which might stop people from wanting to travel? Hint - think about what you have heard on the news or read online.


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