002 - Global Patterns of Global Development

Geographic Knowledge and Understanding

Global patterns and classification of economic development:

• low-income countries

• middle-income countries and emerging economies

• high-income countries


The classification of countries can create power plays between places.


  • To have knowledge of the global pattern of economic development for low, middle and high income countries.

  • To understand how countries are classified into low, middle and high income groups.

Key Terminology

            • Classification

            • GNI

            • Low-income countries

            • Middle-income countries

            • High-income countries

Define the words above using the 'Useful Links' below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Describe

One of the key geographical skills is the ability to describe a map effectively.

      1. Using the map below describe where the low, middle and high income countries are located within the world. Remember you are looking for patterns.

      2. Do any of the results surprise you? Discuss your answer with the person sitting next to you.

      3. What is the Brandt line? With the aid of a diagram draw the Brandt line and then describe what it shows.

      4. Does it still 'fit' with the level of development today?

Map of the World

Activity Two - Explain

Before we begin to look at why some countries are wealthier than others we need to define a couple more terms.

      1. Define the word development.

      2. Define the term economic development.

      3. Describe the different indicators that could be used to discuss economic development.

      4. Watch the youtube clip below and explain why some countries are rich and others are poor.

Exam Style Question

Describe one strength and one weakness of using GNI to compare countries. [2 + 2 marks]