005 - Sections of a River

Significant Concept

To have knowledge of important river terminology and to understand how features in the upper and middle course are formed.

Key Terminology

  • Drainage basin
  • Watershed
  • Source
  • Tributary
  • Confluence
  • Waterfall
  • Meander
  • Oxbow Lake
  • Flood Plain
  • Mouth
  • River Channel


As you watch the clip listen out for the words above and define them. Don't panic if you struggle to define them all we will discuss them after.

Activity One

  1. Draw a river valley (the diagram below will help) and add the words in the terminology list to it. Your Geog 1 text book page will be able to help you.

Activity Two

A river can be divided into three key sections; upper, middle and lower course and within each of these the river flows at different speeds. The faster the river is the more it can transport which increases the rate of erosion. Using the internet to research find what landforms can be found in the upper, middle and lower course of a river. Put your results along with a description and diagram in to a table in your book.