3 - Emerging Super Powers

This section will focus on the rise of the emerging economic power houses of India and China. It will explore how they have grown and the impact they are beginning to have on other nations and us as consumers.

Key Concept

Systems - How independent are the new super powers?

Related Concepts

Causality, disparity and equity - What factors have caused the change in the rising super powers? How has the rise caused disparities in wealth?

Global Context

Fairness and development - The causes of development will be explored in relation to disparities in wealth and development of the economies within India and China.

Statement of Inquiry

Rising global super powers are part of dynamic systems which can create economic and social development as well as disparities.

Inquiry Questions

Factual Questions: Remembering facts and topics

  • What factors are causing the rise of superpowers in Asia?
  • Why are telecommunications a dominant industry in India?
  • What impact is that rise of power having on China and India?
  • Does China have a global impact?

Conceptual Questions: Analysing big ideas

  • Are global superpowers just part of a system of change?

Debatable Questions: Evaluating perspectives and developing theories

  • 'A rise in economic strength in China has caused more problems than it has solved' Discuss.

Unit Outline and ATL Sheets

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