002 - Economic Growth

Factual Question

What factors have led to the growth in India and China's economy?

Debatable Question

Does economic strength mean a country is a superpower?

Key Terminology

            • Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Define the key term above by using the 'Useful Link' below.

Useful Link

Taken From: The Guardian

Activity One - Describe

It is a skill within Individuals and Societies to be able to interpret and use data in our answers. Data helps to illustrate and strengthen the arguments that you having by providing evidence for them. Using Image One below answer the following questions.

      1. Using the graph below describe India and China's GDP growth rate in comparison with the rest of the world?
      2. Does the data surprise you? If not why? If yes, why?

Activity Two - Headlines

The newspapers have a real impact on how we perceive how successful China's and India's economies are. Complete the following points.

      • Find five newspaper headlines for both India and China which support the idea that they are economic power houses.
      • Write the headlines on paper along with a short summary of each article.
      • What do these articles tell you about the strength of the Chinese and Indian's economies?
Taken From: http://www.thehindu.com/multimedia/archive/02452/puja_2452987a.jpg

Image Two - The Hindu

Taken From: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2015-11/30/XxjiweE005012_20151130_BNMFN0A001_11n.jpg

Image Three - China Xinhua News

Activity Three - Research and Present

While we have seen in the previous two activities the economies of India and China have grown what are they actually producing? Or what services are they providing to sustain this continued growth? What has been the impact of this growth in their native countries? The group are going to be divided into two find out the answers to the questions posed.

      • To start this process each team will research the two countries economies using news articles which will then be flipped into our International Relations flipboard magazine.
      • The teams will then be further divided into three groups.
          • The first group will focus on what is produced? (Where, how, why)
          • The second group will focus on the impact of the growing economy. (SEEP positive and negative)
          • The third group will focus on the conditions that were needed in the country for the growth of the economy. (Politics, demography etc)
          • All the initial research needs to be collated using mindmeister. One for China and the other for India.
      • The findings will presented to the whole group using GoogleSlides.

How will I be assessed?

Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding

Criterion B: Investigating

Criterion C: Communicating