008 - Weather Revision

Debateable Question

How can I review my work effectively?

Approach to Learning

Affective Skill - Perserverance - Demonstrate persistance and perserverance

Class Suggestions on Reviewing Content

There are lots of ways to review your work and it is a case of finding out what method works for you. Below are a list of suggestions that work for my Year 8 class.

      1. Find out what the test is all about my looking on ManageBac and writing down what my teacher has said the test will be on. For this test you may wish to review Geogalot lessons 001-007.
      2. Read through your notes and highlight the important 'bits'.
      3. Read though your notes three times.
      4. Create a glossary of the subject specific terminology - Key term and its definition.
      5. Look and create a quizlet.
      6. Create flash cards of the key points and then test yourself with a friend.
      7. Do some extra research by reading around the subject, asking parents about what they know and doing a quick internet search.
      8. Read through your notes and make revision cards on A6 paper using the Cornell Note taking framework.

Image One - Cornell Notes

Approaching the Test Questions

When reading any question, whether it is timed conditions are not, you should BUG the question. What does BUG mean?

            • B - Box the command term (this tells you what to do - the action).
            • U - Underline what the main point of the question is. For example that could be 'ways it rains' for this test.
            • G - Go back and reread the question. It is always good to read the question through twice to make sure you haven't missed anything.

Then consider what the command terms actually mean. The most common ones used in tests include - Describe, Explain, Draw, Label, Define, Discuss and Analyse. But what do all of those words mean? You could either do a quick search online, take photos of the 'Command Term' posters in the classroom or you could click on the 'Useful Resource' link below.

The third aspect to consider is the value of each question. For example, if the question is worth one mark you should be writing about once sentence outlining one point. A three mark question will probably require three key points.

Useful Resource

IB MYP Command Terms

Mind Map of the Content Covered


As a class you will be put in to teams to create questions for a Kahoot quiz. We will then attempt to input those questions into a Kahoot so we can test ourselves on what we have learnt about the weather so far.

Year 8 - Weather - Kahoot Questions