003 - Resource stewardship and the UN SDGs

Geographic knowledge and understanding

Resource stewardship strategies, including:

- the role of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the progress made towards meeting them.

Key Concepts

The differing situations in countries impact their possibility for managing resources sustainably. Those countries that can effect change create the potential for an increasingly powerful nation.


Key Terminology

Define the words above my using the 'useful links' below.

Useful Links

Activity One - Describe

We often talk about the Sustainable Development Goals as if we know what all are as well as how we hope to achieve them. But what really are the Sustainable Development Goals and are they realistic to be be able to achieve? Watch the youtube clip below using videonot.es and make notes on:

Activity Two - Sustainable Development Goals

We are going to focus on three main Sustainable Development Goals: 

Part One

The group is going to be divided into three teams which will then be given a specific goal to focus on. Each team will need to research and record the following points on LucidPress/ Google Drawing.

Part Two

Now each team has found the information and recorded it clearly on Lucidpress. Two of you are now going to be nominated as the experts from each team and they are to inform another team about what they have found. Those listening will take notes from the experts - this will be done on paper. Each team will rotate around the goals. Once the original teams are back together those who listened will become the experts and teach the original 'experts' the information.

 Useful Resources

United Nations - Sustainable Development Goals

The World Bank - Sustainable Development Goals

SDG Tracker 

UN SDG Progress Report 2020  - don't panic when you open up this, only read the section for your SDG.

Student Examples - Google Drawing


SDG #2.pdf


Zero Hunger

Goal 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation.pdf


Clean Water and Sanitation

SDG 7 - affordable & clean energy.pdf


Affordable and Clean Energy



Clean Water and Sanitation


Affordable and Clean Energy


Sustainable Development Goals - Goal 6 - Water.pdf
Sutainable Development Goals - Goal 7 - Energy.pdf


Exam Style Question

For a named Sustainable Development Goal, explain how one of its targets can be viewed as a resource stewardship approach. [4 marks]