006 - Falling Water

Significant Concept

To have knowledge of how waterfalls are formed and how waterfalls are used by humans.

Key Terminology

  • waterfall
  • erosion
  • plunge pool


  1. Watch the clip below and draw a set of diagrams to explain how a waterfall is formed.


Your task is to develop a special interest leaflet for National Geographic on a specific waterfall. The aspects that you need to include are:

  1. The name of a waterfall.
  2. Where the waterfall is located - a map could be useful.
  3. Who first discovered that waterfall.
  4. How that specific waterfall was created.
  5. Any myths or legends surrounding that waterfall.
  6. How the waterfall is used today.


  • Leaflet - can use both sides of an A4 sheet of paper. You can use outlines that your computer provides.
  • Headings are useful
  • Spell and grammar check all of your work
  • Bibliography


You will be assessed using Criterion A - Knowing and Understanding and B - Investigating.

Examples of Waterfalls