003 - Yosemite

National Park

Debatable Question

Can we ever know enough about the places and the systems that create them to make good decisions?

Key Terminology

            • Natural (physical) landscape
            • National Park
            • Process

Define the words above using the useful links below and write the answers on lined paper.

Useful Links

Installing Apps for the Lesson

Activity One - Describe

Answer the following questions which will help you to learn about Yosemite National Park.

      1. Describe the location (where) Yosemite National Park is. Think country, then state and location using directions within the State.


Yosemite National Park is located in -------------- (country). It is in the State of -------------

(State). Specifically in the ----------------- (compass directions) of ------------- (State).

2. Write a phrase to remember which way around the compass points go. Then draw out the compass points below.

3. Mind map what Yosemite looks like. Describe the natural/physical landscape think about size, colour, shapes.

                • We will watch the youtube clip as a group to help you answer the question.
                • You can use either the image below or your google street view app .
                    • Search Glacier Point Yosemite > Explore and choose a good view.
                    • Search Yosemite Valley > Featured > Yosemite > The Base of El Capitan

4. Why do you think Yosemite became a National Park?

5. What types of things can people do at Yosemite National Park?

6. Why do you think we should protect a landscape like Yosemite?