002 - Wonderful


Factual Questions

Where is your place?

What is it like?

What processes operate there?

How is it changing?

Key Terminology

            • Place
            • Space
            • Time
            • Processes
            • Wonderful

Define the words above using the search skilsl learnt in our previous lesson. Write the answers on paper which will then go in your folder.

Activity One - Describe - How to describe images.

To help you to understand what I mean by the word 'Wonder' you will be describing a fabulous feature which is located in my home town of Nottingham. To help you to describe this feature in detail it be useful to use the diagram below the first image.

      1. Describe the caves of Nottingham using the image above.
      2. Why do you think there are caves there? Or how do you think they were formed?
      3. How were they used?

Activity Two - Describe

You are now going to describe a place of natural beauty in the area where you were born. If you are struggling to think of somewhere in the town or city look a little wider and focus on the county, canton or state.


            • Collect a piece of A4 paper from the trolley near the door
            • Fold the paper in half
            • On one side draw and colour in a wonderful feature from the place that you were born. It must be a physical feature.
            • On the other side complete the questions below
            • Remember to be neat as this is going on display!


Answer these questions on the bottom half of the paper you have been given.

          1. What is a wonderful feature from the area where you were born?
          2. Where is this wonderful place?
          3. Describe a wonderful physical feature from where you were born.
          4. How did it get to look like it does?
          5. How is the feature used today?

How will I be assessed?

Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding

My Wondeful Place Assignment Year 7