001 - Global availability of food

Syllabus Points

Identify (AO1) global patterns of calorie intake as one measure of food availability.

Distinguish (AO2) between malnutrition, temporary hunger, chronic hunger and famine.

Discuss (AO3) the concept of food security.

Key Terminology

  • Identify
  • Distinguish
  • Discuss
  • Malnutrition
  • Temporary hunger
  • Chronic Hunger
  • Famine
  • Food Security

We will be using the words above throughout the course of the lesson. If you miss the definition of any of the words above then use the command word posters on the wall and your 'Geography. Course Companion' text book by Cooke and Nagle to clarify their meaning.

Activity One - Describe

  1. Using the graph below describe the global calorie intake (remember to include figures).
Daily Calorie Intake Per Capita - http://chartsbin.com/view/1150

Activity Two - Define

  1. Define the following terms. You can use the links provided or the 'Geography Course Companion text book to help you.

Activity Three - Notes

  1. Make notes on the different aspects of food security using the link below. You will need to consider the following points:
  • physical availability of food
  • economic and physical access to food
  • food utilisation
  • chronic food insecurity
  • transitory food insecurity
  • severity of food insecurity
  • vulnerability
  • how hunger, malnutrition and poverty are linked


FAO document