007 - On the move

Debatable Question

Is migration detrimental for countries?

Key Terminology

  • Migration
  • Emigraion
  • Immigration
  • Push factors
  • Pull factors
  • Lee's Model
  • Ravenstein's Law

Through the lesson we will be investigating the key terms above but if you are still unsure of their meaning then the links below will help you.

Activity One - Models

  1. Define the word - migration, emigration and immigration.
  2. Why do people migrate? Draw a diagram to illustrate why people are 'pushed' away from their original homes and are 'pushed' to a host area.
  3. Draw an annotated digram to explain Lee's Model of migration. Use the diagrams below to help you.

4. What is Ravenstein's Law?

5. How does Ravenstein's Law explain migration?

Activity Two - Debate

Migration can bring a number of impacts for both the host country and country of origin. Remember 'impact' can be positive and negative points. As a group you will be divided into four teams. Each team will be given a specific perspective on how migration may impact them.

  1. Team 1 - Positives of people migrating from your country or region.
  2. Team 2 - Negatives of people migrating from your country or region.
  3. Team 3 - Positive of people migrating to a host country.
  4. Team 4 - Negatives of people migrating to a host country.


      • Develop a Google Slide presentation to outline your points of view.
      • No more than 5-7 minutes long
      • Use case studies to illustrate your points
      • Try and use up-to-date examples


To research this you will use a variety of text books from the classroom and the links below.

Activity Three - Opinion Line

  • From the presentation and debate information in the previous activity, what is your opinion of migration? A line will be drawn in the classroom and you will asked to stand on it to show how much you agree or disagree with migration. Be prepared to justify your answer!