001 - Changing Face of the World

Factual Question

What event changed the course of World War Two?

Debatable Question

Was nuclear weaponry a necessary component to the ending of World War Two?

Key Terminology

            • Atomic bomb
            • Hydrogen bomb
            • The Manhattan Project

Define the terms above using the 'Useful Links' provided below:

Useful Links

Activity One - Watch and Discuss

For this first activity you will be developing your skills of listening and note-note taking. To help you to do this you will be using on online application called Padlet which will allow us as a class to share our notes.

      1. As a class we will watch the Crash Course History YouTube clip and as we do write notes on the Padlet outlining the key events which changed the course of history.
      2. Using the notes the class has made on the padlet and the discussion, in your opinion what key event changed the course of WW2? Remember to justify your choice.

Activity Two - Debatable Question

The damaged caused by the nuclear bomb was devastating. We will be looking at a 360 degree image that shows Hiroshima after the Atom bomb was dropped. To do this follow the instructions below:


      • Grab your smartphone from your bag (don't panic if you don't have a smart phone or can't download the apps as you can view everything on your computer screen).
      • Install the 'Roundme' app.
      • Search for Hiroshima after the Atomic Bomb - Ground Zero.
      • Turn the device landscape and click on the Google Cardboard icon.
      • Place your phone into the Google Cardboard.

Questions to Answer

Answer the questions below in full sentences on lined paper. You will need to use the images above along with the articles in the 'Useful Resources' box below.

      1. How does viewing the 360 images make you feel about the devastation?
      2. Using the first resource, create a timeline for the development of nuclear bombs.
      3. When did America use nuclear weapons against Japan?
      4. Why did America use nuclear weapons against Japan?
            • Divide an A3 sheet of paper in to four and use the following titles as headings for each quadrant. Use the resources below to fill in each section.
            • What damage did the bombs cause?
            • How did America justify the bombing?
            • Other factors that caused Japan to surrender.
            • Interesting facts about the development of nuclear weapons.
      5. Using the evidence you have collected, was nuclear weaponry a necessary component to the ending of WW2? Answer in approximately 500 words.